Veterans and Military Families

We call ourselves the home of the brave, but we are not doing nearly enough to support and honor our brave veterans and their families. As our next commander in chief, Cory believes that veterans and their family members are entitled to the full benefits that they have earned.

As president, Cory will fight for veterans’ access to health care, education and good-paying jobs:

  • Fight against privatization of the VA, and ensure world-class health care, including mental health services, that is accessible and easy to navigate.
  • Empower veterans and active-duty spouses with the means to achieve business and career success. 
  • Strengthen the Small Business Administration’s focus on investment in veteran and spouse-owned start-up businesses and entrepreneurship.
  • Guarantee pay and annual cost of living adjustments that ensure service members are economically secure and can get ahead, not just get by. 
  • Pass the Veteran Education and Transfer Extension Act to fill in gaps in veterans’ higher education benefits.
  • Partner with state and local governments to end systemic veteran homelessness through major new investments in evidence-based programs to find, keep safe, and move into housing veterans and dependents in need.
  • Ensure the Veterans Health Administration provides gender-inclusive and accessible services, including access to gynecologists and obstetricians, sexual trauma counselors, therapists, and other medical personnel to address the unique needs of military women and women veterans.
  • Appoint a White House official solely focused on coordinating across federal agencies to cut the suicide rate among veterans.
  • Counter America’s increasing suicide rate, which is a national crisis that is often exacerbated by the stress of military service

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