Reproductive Rights

All people deserve to control their own bodies. That’s why Cory fights alongside those working to protect the constitutional right to abortion and to ensure that everyone has real access to reproductive health care. Donald Trump and Mike Pence have led an all-out assault on the right to safe, legal abortion—and states across the country have followed suit. This coordinated attack on abortion rights and reproductive rights requires a coordinated response.

As president, Cory will work to:

  • Nominate judges who are committed to upholding reproductive rights.
  • Pass legislation to codify the protections guaranteed by Roe v. Wade.
  • Create a White House Office of Reproductive Freedom charged with coordinating and affirmatively advancing abortion rights and access to reproductive health care.
  • Guarantee access to employer-provided contraceptive care.
  • Repeal the Hyde Amendment in his first budget.
  • Rescind the Trump Administration refusal rules that allow people to be denied necessary health care because of a provider’s personal beliefs.
  • Replace abstinence-only programs with evidence-based guidelines for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.
  • End the domestic gag rule which prohibits health care providers from discussing with low-income patients how and where to access a safe, legal abortion.
  • End the global gag rule and restore funding for the United Nations Population Fund.

Advancing Reproductive Rights

We must protect the constitutional right to abortion and ensure everyone has real access to reproductive health care.

An Open Letter to Men on Abortion

Men must support women’s fundamental freedoms.

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