National Security

The United States is facing new and evolving threats to our security and to global stability, but the Trump Administration’s reckless approach to foreign policy is violating our values, undermining the Constitution, and making us less safe.

As president, Cory will lead with our values, stand with our allies and partners, restore Congress’ role in the use of military force, and confront 21st-century challenges. He will:

  • Work closely with our allies, not isolate ourselves from them.
  • Form a responsible and comprehensive strategy for military operations that recognizes the constitutional requirements for congressional authorization.
  • Invest in robust humanitarian assistance.
  • Empower diplomacy and a fully functioning diplomatic corps.
  • Protect our democracy from foreign interference by strengthening our election security.
  • Give our men and women in uniform the support they deserve, and when they come home, show them the commitment they showed us.

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