Ensuring Affordable Housing for All

Everyone has a right to a stable, affordable place to live. Yet, America has a housing affordability crisis. There isn’t a single county in America where a full-time worker making the federal minimum wage can afford to rent a two-bedroom apartment. Millions of families face eviction and homelessness every year. Lack of housing sends people into cycles of financial and emotional distress that echo throughout their lives including ongoing struggles to find good housing, worsened employment prospects, and mental health problems.

As president, Cory will fight for people who are working hard but still struggling to cover rent at the end of the month.

  • Ensure rental costs are affordable for working and middle-class Americans
    • Cory’s renters’ credit will cap rental costs at 30 percent of a person’s income for working and middle-class Americans.
    • According to researchers at Columbia University, this credit would benefit more than 57 million people, including nearly 17 million children, and lift 9.4 million Americans out of poverty.
  • Build wealth and opportunity from the start through child savings accounts
    • Cory will reverse decades of discriminatory policy and an upside-down tax code that has left millions behind through “Baby Bonds.” Cory’s Baby Bonds proposal would provide every child at birth with a $1,000 savings account. This savings account could grow by up to $2,000 every year thereafter depending on a family’s income.
    • By the age of 18, low-income account-holders would have access to nearly $50,000 to do the kind of things that create wealth and change lives including putting a down payment on a home.
  • Provide more access to good housing by removing unfair and unnecessary barriers
    • Cory will invest resources in building and rehabilitating rental housing for low-income people to give them access to neighborhoods with better opportunities, including areas with public transportation and healthy foods.
    • Cory will work with local governments to eliminate restrictive zoning rules that prevent the building of new affordable housing or the use of existing buildings for affordable housing.
  • Invest in rural America and Indian Country
    • Cory will support programs that provide loans to build apartments for low-income residents specifically in rural areas, help preserve and improve the availability of affordable rural rental units, and provide essential funding and technical assistance for tribal housing authorities. 
  • End housing discrimination
    • Most people facing eviction do not have access to legal representation. Cory will ensure that those facing evictions have the support they need to navigate the legal system and defend themselves in court.  
    • Cory will end unfair practices like the one strike eviction rule and blacklisting, which prevent people from finding stable housing.
  • End homelessness 
    • Cory will do everything in his power to reduce and eliminate homelessness in America. He will work with federal and local government programs to provide communities with the resources they need to support those experiencing homelessness and help them find stable housing. 

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