Overwhelming evidence points to the connection between access to safe, affordable housing and achieving better life outcomes. Cory’s plan will lower rent costs, increase homeownership, battle against discrimination, and end homelessness.

As president, Cory will fight to:

  • Create a Renters Credit to help cap rental costs at 30 percent of income for working and middle-class Americans.
  • Give all Americans a fair shot at homeownership with “Baby Bonds”.
  • Fund construction of new units for low-income renters by fully funding the Housing Trust Fund.
  • Expand the supply of affordable housing by reforming restrictive zoning laws.
  • Invest in affordable housing in Rural America and Indian Country.
  • Combat discrimination and predatory practices in the housing market.
  • Expand the Right to Counsel for tenants facing eviction.
  • Eliminate homelessness through major new investment in evidence-based programs to find, keep safe, and move back into housing anyone in need.

Ensuring Affordable Housing

Read Cory's plan to ensure affordable housing for all.

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Access to safe, affordable housing changes lives.

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