Health care

In one of the richest countries on the planet, no American should go bankrupt because of medical bills or be forced to choose between groceries and prescription drugs, between paying their rent and seeing a doctor.

As president, Cory will fight for access to quality, affordable and universal health care, end attacks on the Affordable Care Act, and act to bring down prescription drug costs:

  • Fight for Medicare for All.
  • Implement universal paid family and medical leave.
  • Combat the opioid addiction crisis by treating addiction like a disease, providing resources for communities to heal and repair, and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable.
  • Lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices and import drugs from Canada and other countries.
  • Take patents away from drug companies that sell the same medication for less in other countries.
  • Invest in ending the maternal mortality epidemic and reducing racial disparities in maternal mortality rates.

Long-term Care

Expanding access to high-quality, affordable, long-term services and supports

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We should bring dignity and choice to long-term care.

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