Gun Violence

In communities across the country, from Newark to Charleston, from Pittsburgh to Las Vegas, Americans are being killed and families are being torn apart by an epidemic of gun violence.

As president, Cory will pursue the most sweeping gun violence prevention plan in history:

  • Take on the NRA and the corporate gun lobby.
  • Keep guns out of the wrong hands with gun licensing.
  • Pass universal background checks, ban assault weapons, and close the loopholes that allow people who should never have a gun to get one.
  • Bring real regulation and oversight to gun manufacturers.
  • End legal immunity that prevents victims of gun violence from seeking justice.
  • Require handgun microstamping.
  • Close the “Charleston Loophole” and the “Boyfriend Loophole.”
  • Ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks.
  • Limit gun buyers to one handgun per month.
  • Ramp up funding for community-based violence intervention programs and gun violence research.
  • Take executive action to build on ongoing efforts and take concrete steps forward.

Ending the Gun Violence Epidemic

The most sweeping gun violence prevention plan in history

Preventing Firearm Suicide

A concrete proposal to address the crisis of gun suicides in America

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