Democracy and Voting Rights

The right to vote has been under assault for millions of Americans — disproportionately for young people and in communities of color. It is time for sweeping reforms to get big money out of politics and put an end to systematic attempts to limit access to the ballot box and strip citizens of their constitutionally-guaranteed right to vote

As president, Cory will fight to protect and expand every American’s right to take part in our democracy:

  • Get big money out of politics by ending Citizens United.
  • Restore the original Voting Rights Act that was gutted by the Supreme Court's decision in Shelby County v. Holder.
  • Make Election Day a national holiday.
  • End gerrymandering.
  • End voter suppression.
  • Ensure universal automatic voter registration and vote by mail.
  • Restore voting rights for formerly incarcerated people.
  • Ensure all voters are able to vote in a language they understand.

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