College and Workforce Training

Today, student loans are the fastest growing segment of US household debt, and too many young people see college as out of reach.

As president, Cory will fight for every young person’s right to pursue their dreams — whether that’s pursuing higher education without crushing student loan debt, starting a small business or getting on the job skills training through an apprenticeship program or vocational training schools:


  • Establish a path to debt-free college, because choosing to pursue higher education should not mean a lifetime of debt.
  • Invest in and strengthen Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  • Make tuition-free community college and vocational training a reality across the country.
  • Make America a leader in apprenticeships.
  • Reform and simplify how students apply for federal financial aid.
  • Protect student loan borrowers by holding student loan servicers accountable for predatory practices.

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