Climate Change and Environmental Justice

Our planet is in crisis. Climate change is not some distant threat—we’re witnessing many of its effects today. And the immediate burden of much of the pollution causing climate change is disproportionately borne by low-income communities and communities of color.

As president, Cory will take immediate steps to combat climate change, and protect and defend all communities affected by pollution and environmental injustice. Cory’s plan will:

  • Make the most sweeping investment to advance environmental justice, because we can’t move forward into a clean energy economy without righting the wrongs of decades of pollution and corporate greed in marginalized communities, and without an informed commitment to not repeating these wrongs.
  • Directly invest over $3 trillion dollars by 2030 to fund the transition to a 100% carbon-neutral economy by no later than 2045 and spurring economic activity, creating millions of jobs where they are needed most, and empowering communities to have control and ownership over their energy systems and local environments.
  • Accelerate the end of fossil fuels by immediately eliminating all fossil fuel subsidies, barring all new fossil fuel leases, phasing out fracking, and instituting a carbon fee and progressive climate dividend—achieving 100% carbon-free electricity by 2030.
  • Supercharge innovation and a clean energy workforce through a $400 billion community-based investment in every corner of the country in the basic research, applied research, and commercialization of clean energy technologies and solutions for hard-to-decarbonize sectors of the economy.
  • Unleash natural climate solutions through massive reforestation and coastal wetlands restoration.
  • Invest over $100 billion by 2030 through existing USDA conservation programs to make farms more climate-resilient and enable our farmers and ranchers to be part of the climate change solution.
  • Lead the world toward ambitious and binding emissions commitments.
  • Center people and communities in all of the above, through strong labor standards, funding disaster relief and preparedness, incentivizing distributed ownership of renewable technologies to ensure its benefits are widely enjoyed, engaging with communities to make their own energy and environmental choices, and ensuring fairness for workers and communities.

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