Animal Welfare

Our treatment of animals is a test of our character and a measure of the compassion of our society. Both in his personal life and as a US Senator, Cory has long been a leading voice on animal welfare issues. 

The Humane Society Legislative Fund has ranked Cory at a 100% on every Humane Scorecard they have issued since Cory was elected to the Senate. Cory has led his colleagues in the Senate in blocking appropriations riders that sought to undermine the Endangered Species Act and delist vulnerable species such as Grey Wolves and Grizzly Bears, and he has introduced legislation that would require federal facilities to comply with the minimum standards of care in the Animal Welfare Act. 

When Cory helped write a major update to our federal chemical safety law, Cory worked for over a year to include new limits on animal testing in the bill — and it is estimated that these protections will save hundreds of thousands of animals from needless suffering. Cory has also introduced a bill to extend federal prohibitions on animal fighting to the U.S. territories and got it passed into law in the final 2018 farm bill, saving thousands of animals every year from suffering and dying. 

As president, Cory will work to:

  • Protect all endangered species, and prohibit imports of trophies of elephants, lions, and other threatened and endangered wildlife
  • Make extreme acts of animal cruelty a federal crime and establish an animal cruelty crimes enforcement unit within the Department of Justice 
  • Create millions of new acres of wildlife habitat, restoring and protecting ecosystems that will provide a lifeline for species facing the threat of extinction
  • Ban cruel traps – including steel-jaw leghold traps and snares – from being used on our National Wildlife Refuges and other federal lands
  • Immediately end all animal testing for cosmetics and develop scientifically reliable alternative methods in order to end all animal testing by 2025
  • Shut down all puppy mills 
  • Prohibit the private ownership of primates and big cats such as lions and tigers
  • Ban the use of poisons for predator control
  • Enact a national ban on the sale of shark fins
  • Stop the export of U.S. horses for human consumption

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